Friday, April 1, 2011

Bank Computers down 4/1/11

I went into wellsfargo bank today to cash a check. They told me they could not cash their own check because the bank computers are down. I asked if it was the branch computers, they said "no, all computers". She then clarified that all bank computers were down and it had something to do with Satellite linking. I am sure I could have asked whether they really needed to access a computer to tell if they can cash an official wellsfargo check, but remembered my past dealings with banks in general and wellsfargo in particular. Are there sun spots I have not heard about? A rogue 'star wars' missile taking out a satellite? There always seems to be excuses at banks of why I cannot cash a check. Recently at 'bank of america', they are just plain refusing to deposit money unless you stand there and fill out that useless piece of paper they call a deposit slip. Top 10 bank annoyances at

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Strange arsenic organism GFAJ-1 (excerpt from a fb discussion)

Just 5 years ago, the people who were speculating about alien life was also speculating about whether or not there were planets outside our solar system. (exoplanets). They used deductive reasoning along with probability to conclude that there must be planets (trillions around stars like ours) in the reset our galaxy, and much more in the rest of the universe. Although, it was good reasoning, the fact was that there simply was no evidence or even technology to detect whether or not such planets existed.

As of November 23, 2010, astronomers have announced the detection of 504 such planets, with hundreds more planet candidates awaiting to be confirmed by more detailed investigations.

Some are made of gas like Jupiter, some are too hot, some are too cold, some are water worlds(GJ 1214b), some are too close to their star, some are spinning with only one side to the sun. So far none like earth!!!

Recently, we have found a few in the 'goldilocks zone' and are promising candidates for them to be earth-like: Gliese 581 g

With todays discovery that a new organism was discovered in a lake in california based on 'arsenic', never before seen on earth, the implications is astounding. Life can be based on strange and unexpected elements and conditions.

So, in conclusion, it just seems like the puzzle keeps falling into place piece by piece. i.e. Its a matter of time before we find a planet almost identical to earth with conditions to support life. In addition, with todays discovery, it seems like the planet don't even have to be similar to earth and can be very different indeed.

Looked at from M-string theory and Quantum mechanics, every possibility exist in the Universe and possibly Multiverses. Every discovery we make seem to be support that. (its a matter of time before we discover extraterrestrial life)

NASA Astrobiology Announcement

Are you expecting NASA to announce aliens have contacted us or a rover detected life on mars? Some says that if its anything thing that dramatic, this casual scheduled announcement is not the way it would be done. On the contrary, I believe this is exactly how it would be done. I do not believe it would be an announcement from the President like in the movies. It would probably most likely not be introduced with all the information available either. So they will gradually give out some information like they are planning to do today. Starting small with some information about the astrobiology searching techniques developed using ASTEP (Astrobiology Science and Technology for Exploring Planets)

They may fill up the press briefing with information most people do not care about such as how extremophile biology on earth contributed to the discovery. Then they may say one of these new techniques have been applied to some extraterrestrial object and preliminary results from spectra or other indirect process indicate some basic byproduct of organic activity (commonly associated with biological activity).

How's that for vague and non-committal? We all know what we really want to hear is that we have found unmistakable evidence of extraterrestrial life. In the mean time all we can do is speculate and try to breath in the moments leading up to the live broad cast here

I am personally trying not to build my hopes up. Hoping that such an announcement would be made in my lifetime that is not one of the typical vague one about a rock found with possible ancient fossil from mars.

No matter what the announcement, what is like to happen is a listing of either a single or multiple places where we will start more detailed searches. It would be interesting to see if it is within or outside of the solar system. If it is within the solar system, then its likely good news for those hoping for extraterrestrial existence. Not only will the search be easier, but it will also say that the probability would have increased significantly if we can find life or evidence of it in 2 distinct places in the same star system.

Other possibilities for the announcement could be very benign such as a new technique discovered for astrobiology search or new basis for life discovered from extremophile research.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

lunchtime in noho

I am going to try not to become roadkill as i headoff on foot in noho to lunch while blogging. Lets see, where Lankershim.

How about a grilled steak salad without cheese, crutons or dressing. Maybe add some salsa roja, chopped onions and jalapeno. Some avocade makes it actually ejoyable. This should be less fattening than the thai green curry that I really want.

Take a shower!

Its amazing to me that some people do not know how they affect others when they splash perfume over themselves in the workplace. In all my years in corporate offices I would have to say I can count the women on my fingers who's perfume were noticeable and very pleasant. The rest of them just simply stink, not because the perfume was always terrible, but because it was overpowering.

I know some people can be allergic to this and become sick. A milder reaction may be a headache or just becoming annoyed. For the love of God, just take a shower. If you are trying to enhance yourself in the workplace, a shower will go a much longer way than smelling like an oil spill. I know many are oblivious to the way they affect others negatively and I would not like to trample on anyone's right to wear perfume. However we should be free to do anything as long as it does not violate the rights of others. Like the right to breath. With that said, lets try to be tolerant of others even if they stink!

So much to talk about, so little time.

I swear I am not going to post only once a year. Although this seems to be the trend so far. There is so much to talk about: The grand design, strange lights (missile) over California, the 2012 hysteria, Model-Dependent Realism, alternative energy, but alas life consumes us. I have also been wanting to do new videos, but finding the time is the big challenge. I am taking 14 days off for the upcoming holidays, so maybe I can get some of these fun stuff done, like making videos and blogging. Maybe I should figure out how to blog from my phone so I can blog in my spare time while waiting for the elevator.

Monday, January 11, 2010

It's been so long!

It seems like a year since I have made an entry on these blogs. I cannot believe how long its been. If I did not need to lookup some information at this site, it may have been even longer. I plan on returning and getting back into it. One of the reasons for no new entries is that I planned on transferring my blogs to

This plan has not taken off, and it would have been better if I continued to blog while waiting for to come online fully. Anyway, I will try to get organized and restart it all.